Germantown United CDC plans to double its staff capacity, increasing the organization’s work in commercial corridor revitalization and community building in the Germantown neighborhood. The nonprofit secured two competitive grants that will enable the organization to add two additional full-time jobs in the fall of 2018.

View the job descriptions for Corridor Manager and Neighborhood Advisory Committee Manager at

Germantown United CDC is now participating in the Neighborhood Advisory Committees Program (NAC), an extension of the City of Philadelphia’s Division of Housing and Community Development (DHCD). GU will be hiring a Neighborhood Advisory Committee Manager, who will be responsible for implementing all activities under the organization’s contract with DHCD.

The NAC Program serves Philadelphia’s low- and moderate-income neighborhoods. NACs provide resources and referrals that address numerous problems that lead to homelessness, and engage residents with activities that support the City’s core objectives, including:

  • Promoting neighborhood sustainability through programs addressing homelessness prevention, energy conservation education, housing preservation, neighborhood safety, and health and wellness
  • Utilizing referral services for available housing counseling, workforce development and economic opportunities
  • Cultivating youth mentoring and civic engagement
  • Ensuring resident participation in City planning and development initiatives

The Germantown neighborhood has not had an active NAC for several years, and we are excited to be reviving this much-needed resource.

Since 2015, Germantown United CDC has been participating in the Targeted Corridor Management Program (TCMP), managed by the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Commerce. This contract helps fuel GU’s commercial corridor economic development activities, including facilitating the delivery of local access to supportive business programs. We are excited to share that the Commerce Department has increased GU’s funding in the next fiscal year. This funding is earmarked for the hiring of a part-time administrator position and a second full-time Corridor Manager to enhance the organization’s TCMP work activities.

GU released the organization’s five-year strategic plan in September 2018. This new plan projected the organization’s growth, and will help prioritize and advance our work now through the year 2023. The two new positions will join GU’s small (not for long!), dedicated, and accomplished professional staff who carry out the organization’s day-to-day operations. GU welcomed Josanne Ford in the Administrator role in the summer of 2018. Josanne joined longtime staff members Andrew Trackman, Executive Director, and Emaleigh Doley, Corridor Manager. GU is governed by a volunteer board of directors comprised of representatives of local business, educational and service institutions. Current board members include: Julie Stapleton-Carroll (President), Umi Howard (Vice President), Luke Smith (Secretary), Mark Sellers (Treasurer), Steven Coleman, Tiffany Hope Collier, Lillian Hightower, Clayton Justice, Joe Martin, Guthrie Ramsey, and Lynn Washington. Learn more about the staff and board.

The job listings will be advertised until the positions are filled. Please share this news with people you think would be ideal candidates!