Executive Director

Andy Trackman
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GUCDC_Andy Trackman by Tieshka SmithAndy Trackman is Germantown United CDC’s Executive Director. He originally joined the organization as a Board member in 2012, and served as Board President until the beginning of 2014. Trackman has 25 years of corporate business experience in communications and marketing in the telecommunications industry. He is a resident of neighboring Mt. Airy and has made the short commute to Germantown for over 13 years. He is active in the communities in which he has lived and worked. His experience in the arts/culture and community development sectors includes: Company Captain and Business Volunteer for the Arts and Business Council, board member and officer of the Bella Vista United Civic Association, member of the Preservation Alliance of Greater Philadelphia, and professional musician. Connect with Andy: @actrackman on Twitter | LinkedIn

Corridor Manager

Emaleigh Doley
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GUCDC_Emaleigh Doley by Meredith-EdlowEmaleigh Doley is Germantown United CDC’s Commercial Corridor Manager, a positioned funded in-part by the Philadephia Commerce Department. A lifelong Germantown resident with deep understanding of both the history and present-life of the neighborhood, she is highly respected within the community, well known for the acclaimed W Rockland Street Project, a grassroots initiative to revitalize one block in Germantown. Her professional and civic work revolves around communication – how we build connections, the stories we tell, and how we share them. She has 8+ years of experience in communications and experiential programming, with a focus on messaging and audience engagement for civic, media, and cultural projects. She has produced many interactive immersive events, and community-building experiences, from 1,000+ conferences to block-level programs. Doley previously received funding from Knight for TEDxPhiladelphia, which she produced from 2011-2015. Connect with Emaleigh: @emaleigh on Twitter | LinkedIn

Photo Credits: Portrait of Andy by Tieshka Smith. Portrait of Emaleigh by Meredith Edlow.