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Germantown United Community Development Corporation (GUCDC) has established a Fund enabling members of the community to undertake locally impactful projects. The purpose of the Fund for Germantown – Projects for Progress Program is to support projects that have an immediate physical impact on Germantown. These intentionally small grants (typical grants are approximately $100-$1000) are designed to stimulate grassroots involvement in promoting a greater Germantown.

The Fund for Germantown – Projects for Progress Program is funded through generous donations from individuals and businesses. Initial seed funding was provided by local developers, Howard Treatman and Ken Weinstein. Grants will be awarded through the Germantown United Community Development Corporation. It is anticipated that 3 – 5 grants will be awarded in each round.



The Fund for Germantown – Projects for Progress Program awards grants to projects or programs within Germantown’s borders defined by zip codes 19144 and 19138. The Program will consider proposals from groups, agencies, individual businesses, and organizations whose interests are consistent with the goals of the Program. The Program will not consider grant proposals for retroactive funding of projects already completed.

Types of eligible projects

The Fund for Germantown – Projects for Progress Program will award grants for the following types of projects:

  • Community gardens and tree planting
  • Facade improvements
  • Public art
  • Cleaning
  • Vacant property mitigation
  • Safety improvements
  • Signage

Eligible projects are those that attempt to improve the beauty, cleanliness and safety of Germantown.

Types of projects not eligible

The following projects are not eligible: a) organizations operating costs; b) direct subsidy of existing services by community organizations; c) projects identified with political parties of any kind; d) projects sponsored by a for profit organization; e) organizations that practice discrimination of any kind; f) general contributions to capital campaigns; g) operating deficits or retirement of debt; h) endowment programs; and i) construction projects or real estate acquisitions.

2016 Application Deadlines

Due Date Decisions Announced
1st Round April 15, 2016 June 1, 2016
2nd Round September 1, 2016 September 30, 2016

Guiding Principles and Criteria

  1. Applicants must show how they are going to leverage the funds provided by attracting volunteer labor or additional funding.
  2. GUCDC may provide guidance and mentoring in addition to funding.
  3. The Fund will provide grants for physical improvements only. The Fund will not provide grants for operations, staffing or overhead, only materials, equipment and supplies.

Review process and evaluation criteria

Submissions will be reviewed and awards made by the fundraising committee of GUCDC. Applicants will be contacted if further information is needed. The following criteria will be used to evaluate proposals:

How well do the goals address local community concerns? How clearly are the goals and objectives stated? How many people will benefit?

Action plan
How well defined is the action plan? How closely tied is the action plan with the stated goals? Are the actions designed to change behavior? Are community members who are affected by the problem involved in the development of goals, objectives, and plans of action? Does the action plan involve collaboration among community members?

Likelihood of success
How feasible is the project in terms of time, budget requests, and available resources?

How to Apply

Download the Application

Email completed applications to:

Or, mail a print copy of your application to:

Germantown United CDC
5219 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19144.

Got questions? Contact us.

Funded Projects (as of April 2016)


  • Business owner Lynn Washington will install a ‘Little Free Library’ to the front of Books & Stuff, her bookstore located at 23 W Maplewood Mall.
  • Residents Clint Steib and Villia Lateef will lead their neighbors in a planting and beautification project on the 4500 and 4600 blocks of Greene Street aimed at traffic calming.
  • Artist and photographer Tieshka Smith will launch the Peaceful Places public signage project in Germantown’s storied Penn-Knox neighborhood, next to the Central Germantown business corridor
  • Fitler Academics Plus, a public elementary school in Germantown serving students in grades one through eight located at 140 W Seymour St (at Knox St) will paint ground murals and organized games in the school’s playground
  • West Central Germantown Neighbors civic association will enhance their community orchard and garden project at the Tulpehocken Train Station, a SEPTA Regional Rail station at 333 W Tulpehocken St (off Walnut Ln and Wayne Ave)
  • Support to sustain the ongoing streetscape beautification efforts of Men Who Care of Germantown around their headquarters at 180 East Tulpehocken St (at Morton St)
  • The Imperfect Gallery will install an interactive sidewalk mural outside of the gallery and community space at 5601 Greene St, adjacent to the Maplewood Mall pedestrian plaza and shopping corridor
  • Freedom Gardens, a project by Germantown resident Susan Guggenheim, will connect local gardeners who would like to share their crop free of charge with Germantown residents looking to improve their diets with home-grown produce; Freedom Gardens will be identified by lawn signs and online via Google Maps
  • Support to sustain Chew-Belfield Neighbors Club’s ongoing cleaning and beautification projects in East Germantown


  • GrowBot: Emily Busch and Angela Miles. Painting a concrete structure near Maplewood Mall.
  • Penn Knox Community Information Board: Penn Knox Neighborhood Association. Installation of an Artist Created Information Board.
  • Volunteer Clean Up Project: Chew and Belfield Neighbors Club. Weekly organized clean up of the neighborhood.
  • Haines Street Sidewalk Garden: Informal Neighbor Group. Creation of a garden to hide a chainlink fence and run down lot.
  • Legends of Germantown Clean Up and Picnic at the Germantown High School: Troy Foster and the Legends of Germantown.
  • Night Lights on Market Square: Historic Germantown. Lights on Market Square and the Germantown HIstorical Society building.

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