The Germantown Community Radio Partners will celebrate the launch of Germantown’s new low power FM radio station on Saturday, February 17 from 2pm ­– 5pm with special on-air programming and satellite listening parties. 92.9 FM is Germantown Community Radio: All Germantown All the Time. Now broadcasting live from downtown Germantown, the station features locally produced and syndicated non-commercial programming.

The festivities on February 17th include two pop-up listening parties featuring meet-and-greets with show hosts, giveaways, and the opportunity to record an interview for radio broadcast. The listening parties will be held at Germantown Life Enrichment Center, located at 5722 Greene St, from 2pm – 4pm, and Germantown Espresso Bar, located at 26 Maplewood Mall, from 2pm – 5pm.

Representatives from the Germantown Community Radio Partners will also be live in the studio from 2pm – 5pm, located at the headquarters of G-town Radio (26 Maplewood Mall). On-air programming will include an introduction of new radio hosts, special guests from the Germantown community, a sneak peek at exciting programming in the works, and other behind the scenes stories. Listeners are encouraged to call the studio at 215-609-4301 and get on the air.

Getting on the FM dial

Back in 2013, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced that low-power radio frequencies would be distributed to community nonprofit organizations across the country. In Philadelphia a number of organizations applied, including several groups based in Northwest Philadelphia’s Germantown neighborhood. In 2017, the three Germantown community organizations that were successfully granted licenses from the FCC fulfilled the four-year quest to bring a unifying voice to Philly’s diverse Germantown. The organizations, now cooperating as the Germantown Community Radio Partners, are: WGGT-LP G-town Radio, a robust community internet radio station; WRGU-LP Germantown United Community Development Corporation, a nonprofit organization who’s mission is to promote and facilitate the revitalization of Germantown and its business corridors through a sustainable, creative, and community-driven approach to economic development; and WRLG-LP Germantown Life Enrichment Center (GLEC), a community-oriented recreational and educational facility in the heart of Germantown. Each group operates independently under the auspices of their parent nonprofits.

The partners agreed to form a time-share, at the request of the FCC, and invest in a broadcast tower to get on the air. During this lengthy process, the timeshare partners had to defend a legal challenge to their license that went all the way to Federal Court before they finally prevailed in the summer of 2017.

In January 2018, the community radio station tower and transmitter was constructed and installed atop the tallest building in Germantown, Interfaith House of Germantown (18 W Chelten Ave). Listeners can now tune in to 92.9 on the FM dial. The broadcast signal will easily reach all of Germantown, and adjacent neighborhoods––from Nicetown to Chestnut Hill, East Falls and Roxborough to Glenside, and places in between.

Germantown has access to this frequency 4 1/2 days a week from noon on Wednesdays to midnight on Sunday. On Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesday morning, 92.9 FM will be off-air in Germantown. (The frequency is also shared with a group in South Philadelphia, who will be on-air in their neighborhood during that time.) Streaming will also be available at 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

About Germantown Community Radio Partners

G-town Radio
26 Maplewood Mall

G-town Radio is a community internet radio station that broadcast 24 hours a day. G-town Radio strives to level the playing field of media access by focusing on the neighborhood of Germantown, the surrounding communities and all of Philadelphia. Our mission is to be an exceptional outlet for local content, community news, and a diverse spectrum of music. We broadcast sounds, ideas, and talk not found on mainstream media. It is our belief that a strong community is one that offers a platform for neighbors, community members and listeners to share news and generate discussion on topics that impact our neighborhood, our city and the world.

Germantown United CDC

5320 Germantown Ave

Germantown United Community Development Corporation (GUCDC) is a community-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote and facilitate the revitalization of the business district in the Germantown neighborhood of Northwest Philadelphia through a sustainable, creative, and community-driven approach to economic development. Vibrant commercial corridors or “Main Streets” contribute to strong neighborhoods. They provide a place to work, shop, and meet your neighbors. Through our Targeted Corridor Management Program contract with the city’s Commerce Department, Germantown United CDC provides assistance to businesses, brings planning and resources to the corridor, oversees activities to make the corridor clean and safe, and works to attract new businesses to the area. We are actively working to bolster and reinforce the vibrancy of the business district to meet the needs of the surrounding community and attract visitors from outside the immediate neighborhood. Germantown United CDC is also exploring opportunities to strengthen and diversify the mix of commercial uses in the business district, the potential to reuse vacant or underutilized properties, business and job attraction strategies, and available sources of funding to support recommended revitalization strategies.

Germantown Life Enrichment Center
5722 Greene St

The Germantown Life Enrichment Center (GLEC) was founded in 1871 as the YMCA of Germantown and became an independent organization in 2010. GLEC provides recreational facilities for all ages  – a fitness center, pool, courts, afterschool and camp for children, classes, social activities and community meeting spaces – as well as a 128-unit residence for low-income men. It also houses a small radio production studio.

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For additional information, interview requests, or photos, please contact:

Jim Bear, G-town Radio
Cell: 215-570-2490

Andrew Trackman, Germantown United CDC
Office: 215-856-4303 | Cell: 215-603-3690