About Germantown United


Germantown United Community Development Corporation (GUCDC)

is a three year-old entity that was created to promote and facilitate sustainable community and business corridor development in historic Germantown, Philadelphia. GUCDC was founded by concerned citizens and neighborhood organizations who took to the streets and to City Hall, to protest against a heavily tax-subsidized, redundant, and low end development being built at the corner of Chelten Avenue & Pulaski Street. The momentum created by the protests became a catalyst for awakening,  uniting the community around our common hopes for a better Germantown.

We realized the urgency of planning beyond the Chelten Plaza protests if we intended to protect Germantown from continued short-sighted developments – and the need for a viable, accountable, and effective CDC emerged. GUCDC is currently in the process of developing a community-guided vision for Germantown’s business corridors, which prioritizes sustainable development, preserves our historic integrity, and encourages home-grown creative entrepreneurship.

Our office is located at 5219 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144.