newsboyGermantown is in the news! Germantown United CDC staff pick your must-reads of the month, with a focus on business, economic development, and neighborhood revitalization news.

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Favorite quotes

“The ultimate objective is to present a better Germantown.” – Joe Martin, owner of Acclaim Academy


Joe Martin discussing with fellow Germantown business owner. Photo courtesy of Philadelphia Neighborhoods.

“On the bright fall morning I visited, Vernon Park was performing according to plan. A half-dozen preschoolers dashed around the playground, their parents and caregivers taking in the sunshine. A couple strolled the paths hand-in-hand while a medical assistant walked briskly to do an errand…” – Inga Saffron, The Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia-Inquirer-Inga-Saffron-2015.11.06 cropped

Read the full story in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“Painters and dancers are transforming our Germantown community in the most amazing way. Art is an equalizer. It levels the playing field.”  – Jim Hamilton, Rittenhouse Soundworks


Rittenhouse Soundworks, a brand new 74’ x 62’ performance facility with exposed brick walls and a cathedral-style wooden ceiling in Germantown. Photo by Jim Albert/Full Frame Fotography via Chestnut Hill Local.

“Center City is important to Philadelphia’s health and it always will be, but we cannot ignore the commercial corridors that extend beyond that if we want to have a strong, growing small-business community, a meaningful increase in employment for Philadelphians of color, reduced crime, and a more strong and diversified economy for the long term.” – Mayor-elect Jim Kenney