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Dear Germantown residents

This is a follow up to the community meeting with Pathmark Managers, Jeff Kelly and Rashad Waleed, on Wednesday, October 2, 2013.

We recognize that a store manager of a corporate-owned chain of stores generally has limited authority to make changes to a single facility without the express approval and resources of the Corporate Headquarters. For this reason, GUCDC scheduled a meeting with the two local managers in late October to develop a joint strategy to approach Pathmark’s corporate office in order to address the concerns the community raised during the October 2nd meeting.

At the meeting, Jeff gave us the following update on what he has done following the October 2 meeting:

  • Hired five new local residents
  • Ordered and installed new end cap displays from national vendors, such as Keebler, Nabisco, and Frito-Lay
  • Hired a new security guard service
  • Stocked hormone-free meats
  • Installed a new large gluten-free section

After this initial meeting, we are requesting meetings with key Pathmark corporate managers who have the authority to act on addressing our concerns. Additionally, we plan to use photographs of other Pathmark stores, as well as that of competitive supermarkets with similar demographics, to demonstrate the validity of options Pathmark can take to improve quality as well as to increase its revenues.

Our meetings with Corporate will inform of us of what improvements Pathmark is willing to provide, as well as those that may require additional work by the community to achieve. We will then work with the community to develop an advocacy strategy. The initial petition from the October 2nd meeting has been submitted, which provides Corporate with a sense of what the community would like to see changed. Advocacy for assistance from our public officials will also be important in requesting such improvements.  We are fortunate that Councilwoman Cindy Bass has already expressed her interest in working to assure that Germantown has a higher quality supermarket experience.

Germantown United CDC will continue to provide updates on its progress, and we encourage you and your neighbors to frequent Pathmark for your grocery shopping needs.  In so doing, you will have even more direct information and capacity to provide the store manager, Jeff Kelly, as well as Germantown United with your suggestions for improvements.  Our community commitment has to be broad, unified and deep in order to leverage the initiative and interest by the local store managers in moving to impress Corporate with this strong market opportunity.  Germantown United needs such grassroots community power to push for these changes.


Thank you for your attention, interest and work on improving Germantown’s commercial corridor.


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