WRGU-LP 92.9FM Community Radio

WRGU-LP is a low power community radio station that will begin broadcasting from downtown Germantown at 92.9FM by the beginning of 2018.  

WRGU-LP is a licensee of Germantown United CDC, a non profit whose mission is “To promote and facilitate the revitalization of Germantown and its business corridors through a sustainable, creative, and community-driven approach to economic development.”

Germantown United CDC is time-sharing the radio frequency, 92.9FM, with two other organizations in the community – G-town Radio and the Germantown Life Enrichment Center (GLEC).

The studio is located on Maplewood Mall in Germantown, and broadcasts can be programmed and scheduled remotely over the Internet.

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How to Listen

Tune in to 92.9 on your FM dial. The broadcast signal will easily reach a significant potion of the entire City of Philadelphia.

View the hours and anticipated coverage for WRGU-LPFM.


We are looking for volunteer staff to help produce content to be aired. Ideally it will have some relationship to the sponsoring organization’s mission. Vox populi (man on the street interviews), programs about neighborhood organizations, and economic and arts activities in the Germantown community are all potential types of content that would fit this description.

Due to our present inability to pay for music licensing, we can consider musical performances only if they are of music that is in the public domain. Typically, this would include original compositions and classical music, also spoken word material would be welcome.

We would be eager to discuss opportunities with any community members residing within the broadcast area who may be interested in pursuing contributing programming material to WRGU-LPFM. Send an email expressing your interest, and program samples if applicable to radio@germantownunitedcdc.org.

Upon submission, all materials will be considered as authorized for broadcast free of charge on 92.9FM in Germantown with all ownership rights retained by the program creator.