STONE SOUP; a cross cultural folk tale about collaboration In the story, villagers learn that when everyone contributes just a little of what they have, a greater good is achieved for all.

Germantown United Community Development Corporation (GUCDC) presents STONE SOUP SATURDAYS, a resident-driven series of beautification projects to be completed in 2014. GUCDC will award grants to Germantown artists, gardeners and creative citizens for the implementation of projects designed to beautify and enliven a handful of key locations. This program was made possible by a grant from the Samuel Fels Fund; grants of up to $1500 will be awarded. Priority will be given to projects that have the potential to foster community ownershipSTONE_SOUP_LOGO and build a framework for future enhancements to take place at the project sites. The beautification project locations identified by GUCDC are:

• Unit block of West Rockland Street-vacant lot
• Unit block of West Haines Street (garden space on south side of Germantown Town Hall)
• The wall at the southwest corner of Chelten and Greene (Bus stop at Greene and Chelten, traveling southbound)
• 5722 Greene Street (parking lot entryway of the Germantown Life Enrichment Center)

GUCDC is looking for ideas with the potential to do the following:
• Create a catalyst for future beautification and development in the neighborhood
• Foster community ownership of public spaces and increase community pride
• Attract new businesses to move into vacancies
• Attract more shoppers to the area as to increase business revenue on the Avenue

Deadline for submission is June 7 2014. To request an application, or for questions, please contact GUCDC directly at

Winning designs will be on display at GUCDC’s table at the Juneteenth Festival on Saturday, June 21, 2014.